The tap water in Las Vegas is usually considered safe to drink, but that doesn’t mean everyone enjoys the taste of it. In fact, some online research will quickly reveal that while most consumers are confident about safety levels, many find the taste of chlorine lingers, and it can be off putting. So if you’re looking for the best tasting water in Las Vegas, here are some alternatives.

Filtering Your Tap Water In Las Vegas

While the water in your tap will have gone through an extensive cleansing process, a lot of householders still prefer to filter it. Filtering helps to remove impurities that might still be in the water, and some say it reduces the chlorine taste. However, there are alternatives if you want an added assurance that the water you’re drinking is pure.

Find A Bottled Water Delivery Service

What could be more convenient than having a regular supply of fresh water delivered to your door? You’ll have confidence that the water is fresh and you will know it has been produced to the highest of standards. By getting bottled water delivered regularly you will never need to run out – and they’ll be no more long trips to the store to collect some more.

Flavored And Vitamin Waters

If you really don’t like the flavour of plain water, then you don’t need to miss out! Water comes in a choice of flavors these days, but lemon is often a favourite. As well as giving water some extra ‘bite’, lemon is believed to offer many advantages, including the ability to detox the body and help clear the skin. You can also choose vitamin waters to help add some vital trace nutrients to your diet.

Consider Buying Alkaline Water

Many people are coming to realize the potential benefits of eating an alkaline diet. And while It would be wrong to make any health claims about drinking alkaline water, many believe that it does has a positive effect on their general sense of well-being. By choosing bottled alkaline water over tap water, you can also be assured of its quality.

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