If your child has a water bottle they love, it should be all the encouragement they need to get them to drink water regularly. Awesome Water bottles for kids also makes drinking more convenient, and easy to grab a drink when they’re on the go or just around the house – but the look of the bottle needs to appeal to them. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some awesome water bottle design ideas.

Choose Themed Water Bottles

Even small children know what they like, and there’s bound to be a favorite character that they just love. Choose a design that features their favorite cartoon, TV or film character on it to give the water bottle some added appeal. You could also choose a themed bottled with their favorite popstar to make the bottle seem more enticing.

Go For Color

Children love color so let them choose a water bottle with an eye-catching design – and the bolder the better. Dots and stripes are nearly always popular and block colors in primary shades like green, yellow, blues and reds all standout to children. If you go for a block color, let your child customize the bottle to make it fun.

Water Bottles For Older Children

Most older children/teenagers don’t think carrying a water bottle is cool; you’re going to need something a bit more stylish to encourage them to keep drinking. However, there are numerous brands out there who do water bottles aimed at this age group. Go for a sleek, stylish water bottle for an older child that they are happy to be seen with.

Personalized Water Bottles

Choosing a personalized design can be especially appealing to younger children; these come in numerous different themes, and are often brightly colored. Adding their full name os initials makes it more personal, and your child will know the bottle is just for them. If you want something truly different, use a print on demand service and. allow you child to come up with their own awesome design.


It’s not always easy to get children to drink the water they need. However, selecting an awesome water bottle design your child will love can make drinking water more appealing. Let your child decide which design they prefer to further encourage them to drink.

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