A healthy diet isn’t only about food – it’s about drinking healthy fluids as well. While water is obviously the best choice, there are a variety of other fluids that are just as good to drink and that supply a few health benefits that water doesn’t. Tea is one of these fluids and below are five of its most amazing health benefits.

health benefits of drinking tea


Like many of the foods that are healthiest for your body, tea is rich in antioxidants. These are the nutrients that team up to fight and take down problem causing free radicals. Because tea is one of the only fluids that is full of these, it just makes sense that you should add it to your daily diet.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Heart attacks and strokes are caused when blood clots form in your arteries. Drinking tea helps keep these arteries from clotting up and keeps blood flowing smoothly through them. It is definitely worth it to consider drinking a cup or two of tea per day if you are worried about cholesterol and blood clots.

Protects Bones

Many people think that milk is the only fluid that has any benefit for the bones, but tea actually does as well. Studies have shown that this is likely due to tea’s many phytochemicals. While you definitely shouldn’t substitute milk for tea, you can rest safe knowing that tea is helping keep your bones strong.

Prevents Cancer

Tea has also been shown to prevent cancer. This is likely because of its many antioxidants. Once again these little guys are putting in their work to fight off and prevent cancerous cells from forming. The caner preventing effects of carrots are definitely another reason that you shouldn’t pass up on a cup the next time that one is offered!

Weight Loss

It might seem a little bit strange, but tea is actually a great weight loss aid. Many people choose sodas and juices over water because they are craving something sweet. Well, tea has a similar sweet taste, but actually has zero calories! This is without milk and sugar added in, of course. In addition, studies have shown that tea speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn calories faster.

Tea is amazingly healthy and it is unfortunate that so many people pass up this tasty fluid. Adding a cup or two per day is a great way to keep your body functioning and to take a nice break from water.

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