Stomach pain is extremely uncomfortable, making it something you’ll want to cure as quickly as possible when it arises. While there is a wide range of medications and products available for the treatment of stomach discomfort, there are also many natural solutions you can use, such as teas. Here are three simple teas you can use to stop stomach pain its tracks.

Hot Water Teas

1) Hot Lemon Tea

Hydrochloric acid is responsible for digestion. When you drink lemon tea, hydrochloric acid levels in your body increase, which improves digestion and helps cure stomach pain. Simply squeeze fresh lemon juice into hot water and drink it, and your discomfort will soon begin to wane.

2) Ginger Tea

Stomachaches can be eased by the relaxation of the muscles surrounding your intestines. Ginger tea helps with this, as it contains shogaols and gingerols, which are chemicals that act as natural muscle relaxers. If you’re experiencing feelings of nausea, ginger can also help with that. If the flavor of ginger is standing in the way of you drinking ginger tea, feel free to add a natural sweetener such as honey.

3) Peppermint Tea

As with ginger, peppermint tea also aids in the relaxation of the muscles of your digestive system. This allows it to cure stomach pain caused by indigestion, as well as the buildup of uncomfortable excess gas. Fresh peppermint leaves, which are easy to find in local markets anywhere, work best when you steep them in hot water for ten or more minutes before enjoying your tea.

The next time you’re experiencing stomach pain or digestion issues, try any of these healthy, natural teas. These teas can all be prepared in minutes and help resolve your stomach pain quickly, all without a trip to the pharmacy or doctor.

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