Weight-loss resolution 2017 are made by countless people on New Year’s Day. Some are able to faithfully stick to their plan, while others fall off the diet wagon long before the end of the month. Those who have trouble sticking to new diet and exercise goals often decide to jump ship, and they end up weighing more than they did on January 1st. When one tire goes flat on your vehicle would you purposely flatten all four tires? Of course not. Consider these ways to keep your New Year’s weight-loss resolution, and get back on track. Weight-loss is a slow process, but it does not have to be emotionally or physically painful.
Update Your Resolution with a Realistic Plan

When seeking ways to keep your New Year’s weight-loss resolution, rethink your original plan. When people have trouble reaching a weight-loss goal, more often than not the diet was too strict. Give yourself a little more leeway when it comes to snacks, and do not be too hard on yourself if you backpedal now and then. The word diet indicates a temporary change. Update your New Year’s weight-loss resolution for long-term success. It should be one that you can live with indefinitely, especially if you want long-lasting results.

Opt for Moderation Instead of Deprivation

Strict diets can be adhered to for a while, but they soon get old. Many people give up on their New Year’s weight-loss resolution because they feel deprived. They begin feeling sorry for themselves and go right back to mindlessly eating whatever looks good. Give yourself permission to have small daily treats. Opt for moderation instead of deprivation. A lifestyle change will be much easier when you do not feel denied. As long as you are not restricted because of a medical condition, you can have anything that you want within moderation.

Start Keeping a Calorie and Exercise Journal

Were you keeping track of your caloric intake and physical activities when you began losing confidence in your weight-loss plan? If not, you should be noting every calorie consumed and every physical activity. When considering calories, think of a checking account. Imagine your caloric intake as deposits and expended calories as debits, but unlike a checking account, excess credits are not good. Those that are not burned off will accumulate on the body in the form of fat. Determine how many calories you should consume each day, and start keeping a calorie and exercise journal. You will be able to see how many calories you are actually taking in and how active you really are. The journal will make it easier to make adjustments by increasing accountability. The numbers will not lie unless they are entered incorrectly.

Set Fun and Easy Exercise Goals

Exercise does not have to be painful or monotonous. It does not have to be strenuous to be effective either. When working to keep your New Year’s weight-loss resolution, make it fun. You do not have to join a gym or an exercise class to achieve your goals. Consider buying an interactive game system and games that will encourage you to move. Even if it is too cold to head outdoors, you will burn calories while toning your muscles.
If an exercise game system does not sound ideal, just get up and move for at least 30 minutes each day. Walk briskly in place during television commercials, or dance to your favorite music while completing household chores. Buy an exercise DVD that looks like fun, and get a friend involved while working to keep your New Year’s weight-loss resolution. Any form of movement is better than inactivity. The goal is to burn calories and lose weight, but a fit and toned body is a highly desirable bonus.

Drink More Water

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