We often take clean water for granted. Having the ability to turn on the faucet and get reasonably clean water is a luxury not available in all countries. There are many reason clean water makes a difference to your health!

Healthy Hydration

Proper hydration is critical for your overall health. People who are dehydrated are more likely to make mistakes at work or school, pull a muscle during a workout, and feel fatigued throughout the day. Clean water keeps your body hydrated which also keeps your mind properly hydrated.

Alternative Thirst Quenchers

If you don’t have clean, great tasting water at hand during the day, you’re more likely to grab an alternative thirst quencher that may not be so good for your health. Sodas, high-sugar juices, and even coffee and tea can have negative effects on your health. Adding sugar and cream to tea or sugar adds calorie and fat content that just doesn’t exist in clean water.

Dangers of Dirty Water

One of the easiest ways for some diseases and parasites to spread is through dirty water. If your water has microorganisms from any of the waterborne diseases that exist, you and your family could experience serious health issues.

Ensuring the water you drink is free of these dangerous particles and microorganisms means you are avoiding potentially life-threatening diseases.

Taste Matters

If you are drinking unclean water, you will probably notice it in the taste. Associating metallic or strange tastes with water means you’re less likely to drink it regularly.Clean water tastes fresh and is an enticing way to quench your thirst meaning you stay hydrated!


Water isn’t just used for drinking; it is also used for bathing. Depending on our environments and working conditions, we may end up with dangerous particles on our skin through the course of a normal day which could be absorbed or inhaled. One example of this is asbestos.

Clean water means having the ability to thoroughly wash unsafe particles from our hair, skin, and clothing without adding additional, unclean chemicals or microorganisms in the process.

Why Silver Springs Water | San Diego?

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