Manual and Passage of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines - Mission 14 "D-Day Kick Off"

Date: 25 May 1944.

Location: La Riviere.

Commandos: Green Takes, Sniper, Diver, Flower, Driver.

Task: blow up the battery of the coastal cannons (4 guns).

The entire Commando is on the boat in the lower left corner of the screen (s in the picture). Instead of sailing directly to the nearby beach in the north, and then painstaking through the whole island to a separate cannon (1, 2, 3 and 4) that you need to blow up, I suggest choosing a completely different route. Sailboat, as shown by green arrows - first in the lower right corner of the screen. Do not forget to get around the buoy from if you do not want to complete the mission ahead of time! Please note that you can choose a sniper on a boat and use his sniper rifle (yes - shoot from the boat). However, do not shoot a freakwood, wandering on the beaches, but try to maintain the maximum number of valuable ammunition. The area marked X1 to make a small stop. Wait until the CKM C1 is a range in which you will find yourself when you go further, start turning to the left (that is, up the screen), and then keep moving. Thunder, however, switch to the sniper and, as soon as you can make a "clean" shot, kill the C1 CKMU arrow (and possibly not far from Fryckw, which will open the fire). Nevertheless, I asked you not to remove without the need! Do not worry about the alarms raised by Shkopov. Swim along the edge of the screen further north (to the top right corner of the screen). When you reach, slide left. Prepare a sniper, and as soon as CKM C2 will be within reach of its sniper rifle, remove the CKMU.

Wait there, while Nimoshai (10) does not see the corpse of his friend and will not run to investigate the case, and then Gapun will give him. Return to colleagues. Now select the sniper and click it to the place marked with SN, start there from the sniper rifle for the German patrol (P1) - start shooting when the trenches reach the extreme bottom of your route, turn back and move up the screen. You must be able to "remove them" without causing a common alarm. Nevertheless, Niemiaszek (11) must enter - you have the last (fourth) bullet for it. Frikov's corpses can lie there or move them to another place (a) in green beret (for example, near the truck).

Now go through the crew (except for the driver and sniper) to the place, labeled X (for the barrack). From there, crawl SAPER instead of x1, wait a while, while the patrol Fritz (1) moves up the screen, and then quickly substrate trap SAPER instead of x1 and hide again. When the poor Skopek falls into the trap, take it and place the remote control bomb somewhere next to the fuel tanks Z (about x1). At the same time, the green beret can use the sticker to deal with Niemiaszkw (2 and 3), crawl behind them and attack when Adolf (7) turns the head left (immediately hits the ground after hit). Then move takes to X2, leave the bait there and send to the saper, hidden next to Z tanks (in x1). Turn on the bait and remove the Swab (4), best move the body and hide near the tanks. The online poker games available today can be played online with very easy access via the smartphone you are using. And to play poker online, it can be played through poker agents spread throughout Indonesia. Besides that, IDN POKER has been proven to be the most fair and pure 100% player versus player site in poker online judi poker online , which means that there are no bots/cheat mechanisms in it. Deposit business transactions are really affordable, which is only 10 thousand and the minimum wd is 20 thousand rupiah. Any winnings that we achieve will be paid out 100% without a dime tax deduction.

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