Filling out the resume for the position of master of manicure

Nail technician resume for a position in the beauty industry is a good opportunity to inform the employer about professional success and effective communication skills with clients.

It is good if the candidate's "business card" stands out from the crowd with something original. These can be exotic nail treatment techniques, other special skills and knowledge.

Features of preparation nail technician resume

The nail technician resume must contain information on the basis of which employers most often make decisions about employment:

  • clear photography;
  • the position for which the master applies;
  • information about education;
  • information about the last place of work;
  • list of professional skills;
  • personal characteristics.

Mandatory in the resume indicate contact information for prompt communication with the candidate and the desired amount of remuneration.

Salary of a manicure and pedicure master

Often, the job seeker has difficulty in calculating the optimal income. If you specify a low rate, the employer may question the candidate's professionalism and good reputation. If you write too high a salary, you may not wait for an answer.

The rate varies significantly depending on the list of job responsibilities, work schedule, reputation and location of the salon, experience of the manicurist.

If it is difficult to calculate the best salary option, you can write in the column "by agreement".

When filling out the questionnaire, it is desirable to indicate a specific amount of remuneration. As a rule, employers choose resumes that provide the most detailed information about the important conditions of cooperation with personnel. There is a high probability that a questionnaire with a fuzzy request will be ignored.

As the optimal remuneration option, you can specify the average rate among specialists of a similar level in the region.

Another way to calculate your ideal salary is to add 10% of your last job income. Additional interest is charged so as not to lose profit due to annual inflation.

Work experience in the specialty

It is more difficult for beginners to find their place in the nail service than for experienced specialists.

Not every employer is ready to train a novice master, risk his reputation in case of mistakes of an inexperienced employee.

A significant advantage of the candidate is the ability to perform manicure and pedicure in practice.

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