There are a number of reasons you may want to test your water. You may not be sure it’s as clean and healthy as it could be or you may be noticing issues with laundry, cooking taste, or changes to your hair and skin after showers that may indicate issues with your water at home. There are a few quick ways of testing your water to know exactly where you and your family may or may not be exposed to contaminants. Since San Diego is named as having some of the worst tap waters in America, this is specifically more important to us San Diegans. Read more about San Diego Tap Water issues.

Calibrate Before Testing San Diego Tap Water

Every two weeks it’s essential to utilize a calibration kit. Silver Springs Water offers these calibration kits as an easy and convenient way to monitor your drinking water.

Testing San Diego Tap Water with pH Dropper

If you’re unsure of the acidic quality of your water, also called the pH rating, you can purchase a liquid pH dropper at your local hydroponics store. Testing strips tend to be inaccurate and fail to measure the low level minerals that exist in purified water. By adding pH liquid drops to a glass of tap water, will give you a color based on the pH level of the water. Helping you determine if your tap water really is safe for your family to drink. Water with the correct pH is critical to absorption into your system.

Testing San Diego Tap Water Visually

It may be simple but one of the quickest ways to test your water for contaminants is to simply look at it. Clean water should be completely clear with no tint, cloudiness, or particles. Yellow or cloudy water could indicate rusty pipes within your own plumbing system or problems further up the line with the water treatment center.

Testing San Diego Tap Water Soap Test

If you think your water may be harder than it should be, meaning it has a high mineral content, you can easily test this with a simple soap test. Fill a clear, nonreactive and preferably clear contain with a lid, like a water bottle or glass jar, with tap water. Add a few drops of dish soap and shake the container.If it foams up right away, your water isn’t considered “too hard” but if it doesn’t, you may want to consider a water softener. Your products in the shower and laundry will work better with softer water.

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