When people consider the beach front city of San Diego, they may think that people spend all their time at the beach and everyone spends their days swimming and tanning. While this lifestyle may be true for some, most people in San Diego are just like everyone else and have the same stresses of everyday life. Water is abundant in San Diego and some of the ways in San Diego it is used may surprise you!

Therapy | San Diego Water

Water is often is often thought of alongside adventurous sports like surfing, water-skiing, or speed boat racing but did you know it’s also used as calming therapy? Water can calm the senses and allow patients to focus on the water instead of their problems.
Some businesses offer water massage and in-water body work as a healing and calming therapy.

Fitness | San Diego Water

Water can also help people work on their fitness. Swimming and surfing old news, though they are both still great workouts!
One of the best balance and strength regimes includes paddle yoga. It combines paddle boarding and yoga for an overall body workout and, if you’re really good, you don’t even have to get wet!Beginners will likely end up in the water quite a few times though so dress accordingly!

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 Gray Water | San Diego Water

Water conscious individuals know that gray water is water that is reused after its initial purpose.Gray water is not potable water but is instead used for things like dishwashing, laundry, and plant watering.Despite being incredibly close to water, the City of San Diego often declares times of drought due to little fresh water rainfall. Water conservation effects mean less water for seemingly frivolous things like watering lawns and outdoor plants.Since many people still find these things important, gray water can easily be used to keep lawns lush and flowers blooming even in times of drought in San Diego. Read more on the truth of your San Diego Tap Water.

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