Silver Springs Water delivers the finest filtered and negative ion drinking water for residents and businesses in the Las Vegas, NV & San Diego, CA area. We are a family run business who are dedicated to helping our customers live a healthier lifestyle by providing clean drinking water that we believe is superior to any other on the market. A proud partner of Planet Ion Water, Silver Springs Water meets and exceeds all state and federal bottling regulations and always passes inspections. Silver Springs Water – giving you the personal and professional service that you deserve.

San Diego Water Delivery Services

Our top notch delivery service is dedicated to delivering you quality drinking water that can change your life. Are you worried about the water you are drinking? Let us calm your fears by delivering healthy, chemical-free water straight to your doorstep.

  • Home Water Delivery
  • Commercial Water Delivery
  • Negative Ion Water Delivery
  • Filtered Water Delivery
  • Water Testing

What is E2 Technology utilized in Our San Diego Water Delivery?

Silver Springs water has obtained the E2 technology for water through a partnership with Planet Ion Water. We produce our unique product by energizing the electrons in the water which causes a separation of the molecules. Silver Springs Water serves thousands of customers who believe in the benefits of having negative ion’s in the water they drink. We stand out from our competitors as the only provider of stable negative ion water. Give us a call today and start feeling the difference!

What is Negative Ion Water?

Negative Ion water has high pH levels around 8.5 at the time of bottling and has become increasingly popular by health-conscious consumers. Customers have tried the water for themselves and experienced its benefits firsthand.

  • Water with a high pH level can improve digestive health
  • There is a positive link between this kind of water and bone health
  • High pH level water can hydrate better than plain water


CONTACT Silver Springs San Diego Water Delivery To order your first delivery, contact us today at: (702) 897-4853 Silver Springs Water is a bottled water delivery service serving Las Vegas & San Diego. If you are in need of home water delivery, commercial water delivery, negative ion water delivery or filtered water delivery. Silver Springs Water is your premium choice.Learn about our water delivery services, and check your water delivery service area by entering your zip code. Contact us today to get Planet Ion Water delivered to your home or office!


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