Water is critical to our existence.

It is a crucial part of our molecular makeup, it hydrates and keeps us healthy, and it refreshes us when we need a pick-me-up. Bottled water services that offering water delivery to your home or office, is a convenient way to ensure that you are receiving the highest Planet Ion quality.

One question you may ask yourself, is your drinking water safe? If you live in San Diego, your tap water is listed among the worst drinking water in America. Knowing this, should encourage you to seek out a reputable water delivery service such as Silver Springs Water, to ensure that your family isn’t exposed to the dangers of pollutants found in your San Diego tap water. Testing San Diego tap water is vitally important for you to gauge exactly how polluted your drinking water is.

Why is Water So Important?

Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, depending on gender.

While we can get water from other sources like milk, juices, and some foods, drinking pure H2O bottled water is the best way to get hydrated and stay that way. Consuming a branded water such as the Planet Ion brand you gain the benefits of drinking negative ion water which provides additional benefits on top of it being cleaner than San Diego tap water.

Our bodies absorb anything in our drinking water so drinking the cleanest water possible is critical to overall health. If you have a convenient water delivery service for your San Diego home or business, this makes keeping hydrated even easier.

What’s In Your San Diego Tap Water?

San Diego made the list of the Top 10 American cities with the worst drinking water.

In fact, San Diego is number 9 on the list.

San Diego is one of the country’s largest cities which means there are a lot of potential contaminants including manganese which can be poisonous to humans. Ensuring a thorough test of your tap water is the only way to really know how polluted your home or office is.

While there are many guidelines for levels of toxins in water, they vary from place to place and San Diego’s water has eight chemicals that exceed those guidelines.

What Can You Do About San Diego Tap Water?

Drinking bottled water is critical to overall health and you need a clean water delivery service to provide you Planet Ion to drink.

At-home filtration systems can be implemented but they can be costly.

You can use disposable filters but again, they don’t come cheap and you have to remember to change the filters for them to be any good to you.

In fact, using old filters could be worse than not filtering your water at all.

The filters can collect bacteria and contaminate your drinking water.

The best way to get clean, filtered, pure water is to get home delivery from Silver Springs Water.

Contact us today to see how we can help get you and your family the cleanest water around! Silver Springs Water | San Diego offers you a contract free experience, referral programs, and an easy and honest company to work for you! Check your zip code here for service areas TODAY.

Silver Springs Water offers water delivery service in San Diego and Las Vegas that provides the highest quality Planet Ion brand available.

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