San Diego water issues hit the news again. Below are a few of the highlights.

San Diego Water and Construction

Building During a San Diego Water Drought

One of the questions that occurs during droughts in states where they are common is “why do we continue building during a drought?” San Diego is experiencing a severe drought yet there are still new houses being built every day. The reality is, the houses being built were all planned for.

As the city looks forward 5, 10, and 20 years it takes into consideration normal growth patterns and what that means for its resources. Assuming consistent growth rates, if the city didn’t build more housing, there eventually wouldn’t be anywhere for people to live.

As the rest of the city reduces water usage through mandatory restrictions, goals are met to ensure the city is on track to maintain the expansion it is expecting.

Debates to be Settled about San Diego Water

The Fallbrook Public Utilities district could soon be absorbing the Rainbow district, pending the outcome of a closed door meeting this week. The two large North Counties would combine forces and reduces costs fairly significantly if the merger were to go through.

Issues regarding governing and control are at the top of the list of issues the Rainbow district has with the merger. Customers in both districts could feel the effects of smaller staff if the merger were to go through.

Tips for Pool Owners

The Times of San Diego is helping with water conversation by publishing tips for conserving pool water during the drought. Many of the tips are common sense including covering your pool when not in use and ensuring any leaks are taken care of right away. They also suggest turning off any fountains or waterfalls during the drought. Water lost to evaporation and through the use of these water features are easily avoided with a few simple steps.


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