Water is a hot topic in San Diego this summer. With temperatures reaching record and near-record highs and the drought continuing, many people are focused on our natural resources, including water. Below is the water update from San Diego in August!

Heat Wave Affects the Ocean

Unusually high temperatures in San Diego and its beaches have, understandably, had an effect on the ocean life in those areas. Ocean temperatures near the coast have been higher than usual in the past few years causing tropical fish to swim closer to the coast than ever. Kayakers are catching tuna and marlin right from their kayaks which hasn’t happened in recorded history according to one kayaker. Most people aren’t complaining about the temperatures though. They say it’s a perfect time to visit the beach.

Education at San Diego Water School

The San Diego County Water Authority’s Citizens Water Academy is a place for community leaders to learn about water in their communities. The classes are essentially a history lesson, an economic lesson, and a business lesson. Knowing about water in San Diego is critical for leaders and politicians to ensure resources are protected with each generation that takes over. Sign up for class happens soon! Check out the Citizens Water Academy website for more information.

San Diego Water Recycling

There’s no argument that reusing water is a great way to help keep natural resources protected. People use gray water for showering, dish washing, and laundry but what about recycling water into drinking water? Pure Water San Diego is doing just that. They are treating water that was already used through multiple processes to make it clean enough to be used as drinking water.


Not ready to drink recycled water quite yet? We don’t blame you.

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