The summer months are heating up and that means it is time for a San Diego water news summer 2016!

Watering Allowances

Some of the restrictions that existed for San Diego regarding how often you can water have been reduced. Now, you’re able to water anytime you want, except after a rain storm. Some restrictions remain in effect such as a ban on rinsing driveways and requirements to use hoses with automatic shut off.

There is some concern over water level issues due to these changes but water district management believes consumers understand the importance of water conservation and will continue with some water saving measures.

USCD Single Use Water Bottle Ban

By a student vote, the University of California San Diego has decided to eliminate single-use plastic water bottle use on campus! Follow in their footsteps by getting a great reusable water bottle made of glass, BPA-free plastic, or aluminum and refilling it throughout the day!

Silver Springs water is great for reusable bottles so you can be sure you’re getting the best water available and carry it with you all day!

Less Water, Lower Bill, Right? Wrong.

Rate hikes in water bills have been an ongoing struggle for residents who are doing their best to reduce water use. The idea that your water bill should go down the less water you use is logical but that isn’t exactly how pricing water works. A lot of factors go into how water bills are priced and you might be disheartened when you see saving water actually might make your rates go up.

To keep money flowing for improvement projects, the city must charge more for water if less of it is being used by private homes and businesses. Saving water is great, but inflation and business sense means you’ll be paying more no matter what.

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