San Diego is still in a drought and that means water is in the news quite a bit! Below, we highlight the San Diego water round up for October 2015!

Dyeing the Ocean

If you’re a frequent beachgoer, you may often be frustrated when your favorite beaches are closed due to contamination far down the coast. The Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego is dying the water pink to help figure out what really happens with contamination. Some contaminates can’t be seen by the naked eye and this study is helping determine patterns and how spills react to the ebb and flow of the tide. It might just be a coincidence that the dye color coincides with the color of breast cancer awareness month.

El Nino No Help for Drought

California depends on its snowpack to get through periods of intense drought. El Nino is bringing in more rain instead of snow and this is bad news for the snowpack which could mean more drought issues for San Diego. While the moisture will help in the short term, the higher temperatures and rainfall will have longer term impacts on the drought situation in San Diego and other parts of California. Drought conditions continue to be in effect all over the state and residents should continue their water conservation efforts.

Conservation Efforts Are Working!

The San Diego Water Authority is reporting citizens have reduced their water usage by 26 percent compared to two years ago. This means education and conservation efforts are working! Continuing efforts to conserve natural resources like building water smart properties, installing low flow faucets and toilets, and cutting down on watering outside help to keep water consumption to minimum levels. Want fresh, clean water delivered to your home or office? Contact us today to find out how!

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