The drought in San Diego is ongoing with no real end in sight. With the holidays in front of us and the hot summer months behind, many people are reflecting on their blessings. Water in a drought is one of them!

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Can I Really Make a Difference?

San Diego is still in a terrible drought.

People see on the news and in advertisements all the recommended ways they can help eliminate water waste but many people are left wondering if they can really make a difference. Consider the simple activity of brushing your teeth. To brush for the recommended amount of time, with standard water flow, leaving the water running can waste between two and three gallons per tooth brushing session.

Simply turning off the water while brushing can save four to six gallons of water per day, per person. For some context, the recommended daily amount of water intake (eight 8 ounce glasses) is half a gallon of water.

Leaving the faucet running while brushing your teeth wastes more than four times the amount of water you need to drink in a day!

Water Content in Beer

There’s a popular saying that there is water content in beer but no beer content in water. California is home to many micro brewing companies but the process requires a lot of water. Many breweries are cutting down on their water usage by taking advantage of recycled water for some of their processes. Not all small brewing companies can afford the equipment it takes to do this, so they are often forced to move elsewhere. The best way to support these smaller companies? Buy their beer! That’s a fundraiser most people can get behind.

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