California has some interesting water news and here is the San Diego water news for December 2015! The New Year is officially upon us and 2015 is coming to a close.

Top San Diego Water News December 2015 Users and Conservationists

Rancho Santa Fe has posted its highest water users for the year and the Wygods have been at the top of that list for the last few years. While they are in the group of highest residential water users, over the years they have also become the best water conservationists. Due to their water usage, they have figured out ways to use less water on their estate even including replacing the grass around their pool was low-water consumption landscaping. They are great examples of how to reduce water use to adapt to your ever-changing environment.

Too Much Water?

It sounds like an unusual problem for a city in the throes of a four year drought to have but San Diego might have too much water. The city doesn’t have enough space to store all the expected desalinated water from the new planet near Carlsbad coming online soon. The city is looking at options to reduce water purchased from other sources to use the desalinated water for city use.

Winter Water Sports

Many outdoorsy people enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities in the winter months. Even though San Diego’s weather rarely dips into the frigid weather you expect from winter, you can still enjoy some winter activities indoors! Check out the San Diego Ice Arena for indoor ice skating fun all year round. San Diego Entertainment Magazine has a few suggestions for skiing or snowboarding near San Diego which would be a fun trip for the whole family!

Conclusion to San Diego Water News December 2015

Winter is a great time to explore cold weather activities, even if you live in a warm climate like San Diego! Don’t forget to continue conserving water even if the weather is cooling down.

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