So you’ve decided you need to drink clean water free from impurities. Well that’s a step in the right direction for ensuring your health. However, we live in an overly saturated market that gives consumers a number of clean water options. Some better than others. So how do residents and businesses of San Diego dispose of the filter elements from drinking water? Here’s a list of ideas that may help you decide what is best for you.

Water Filter Options or San Diego Water Delivery…Be an Informed Consumer

Knowing what contaminants are in your water before you buy a filter is imperative to purchasing the right filtration or water delivery service for your needs. That way you can ensure you are purchasing the right product to relieve you of the water problem you are facing. Also, taking into consideration the level of time, energy, money and effort you are going to want to exude to consume said water is a consideration not to be overlooked. Overall, the rule of thumb is that the more contaminants that need to be removed the more complicated the filtration system you will need to produce a healthy water source.

First place to start is testing your San Diego Water is easy with Silver Springs Water. 

Home Water Filter Options

Many people have chosen to use at home filtration systems. One fairly readily available option for in-home drinking water filtration systems are the pitchers with charcoal filters that require replacement every 3 months.

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These systems are also known as Point-of-use filters. They take very little effort from the consumer to operate but can be costly due to constant need for replacement filters. Also, time and convenience factors and remembering when your filter will expire can also be viewed as a hassle. One major disadvantage is the smaller amount of consumable water available at any given time. Jug filters can only be used for small quantities of drinking water, and aren’t ideal for larger families with pets, or for those families wanting to used filtered water for cooking as well.

Also, the cost to the environment by bulky plastic filters being thrown in the landfill isn’t ideal in lessening your carbon footprint. Some of the manufacturers have programs to recycle their filters but it requires action on the part of the consumer to ensure this is being done. Most people simply toss the old filters in with the rest of their trash when it’s time to change them out. This means the plastic which encases the charcoal ends up in a landfill where it will take many lifetimes to break down.

While many people in San Diego recycle, these elements can’t be tossed in with normal recycling, making them unfriendly to the environment.

Benefits of San Diego Home Water Delivery & E2 Technology

What is E2 Technology?

E2 stands for electron energized. The purpose of E2 Technology™ is to add electrons (a negative charge) to water through electrical restructuring. This creates alkalized water and powerful antioxidant that completely hydrates the body on a cellular level.

Why is the E2 Technology so special?

The benefits of ionized/antioxidant water were first discovered in the Hunza community, a small tribe located in the Karakoram Mountains of northern Pakistan. This community is known to be very healthy— low prevalence of disease and an above average life span. Researchers found that Hunza water is unique. In addition to a high pH, it has a large amount of active hydrogen. These active hydrogen atoms are powerful scavengers of free radicals, which have been proven to support cancer.

Due to the scientific documentation of Hunza water, the in High pH functional water was first artificially developed in Japan, in the early 1950s. The Ministry of Health and Rehabilitation researched and approved water ionizers for medical therapeutics in 1966.

High pH water requires an expensive machine to produce and loses its benefits within two days. E2 Technology has long-term negative ionization and can be bottled and sold in stores.

Silver Springs Water is the only water delivery service in San Diego that provides water that is purified with E2 technology. Don’t be misled by competitors! E2 Technology is a highly sought after and proprietary technology.

Business Water Filter Options

Most offices and shop facilities that offer filtered water for their employees have bottled water delivered to their offices. Depending on the number of employees, it is generally not cost effective or convenient to use smaller drinking water filtration systems to provide clean, Planet Ion for employees.
Since water is brought in from other companies and the bottles are reused, the waste is minimal in comparison to filtration systems that require new filters every few months.San Diego drinking water is some of the worst drinking water in the country and filtered water is critical for good health.

San Diego Water Delivery for Health

Drinking filtered water is one of the best things you can do for better overall health. San Diego water tests high for chlorine, lead, and other toxic chemicals that can cause any number of health problems. Taking a proactive response to the San Diego drinking water issue is the only way to stay proactive about the health of your consumable water choice.

Contact Silver Springs Water to see how we can help reduce your at-home filter waste with filtered water delivered right to your door!

Silver Springs Water Delivery Company is a premium bottled water delivery service serving San Diego. Silver Springs Water provides home water delivery, commercial water delivery, Planet Ion delivery or filtered water delivery. They also offer San Diego Tap Water Testing Services. Learn about our water company in San Diego, and check your San Diego water delivery service area by entering your zip code.

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