Staying hydrated is important especially in the summer months.Backyard barbecues, outdoor adventures, and even yard work mean people are spending more time outside.When you are reaching for something to quench your thirst, these are some of the sugar water replacements to avoid.

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Sports Drinks vs. San Diego Water Company

Commercially sold “sports drinks” are little more than sugar water. While they do contain electrolytes and sodium to help during workouts, their sugar content makes them almost as bad as drinking a soda.Even sports drinks designed to have less sugar are still packed with chemicals and artificial sweeteners that don’t replace the benefits of water.

San Diego Water Company
Silver Springs Water is the only San Diego Water Company that provides our proprietary water process.

Planet Ion by Silver Springs Water, is the best alternative to Sports Drinks. What makes our pH water stand over anyone else who claims to have the same product is we have stable negative ion’s in our water which no other company can claim. San Diegans can enjoy the health benefits of having Planet Ion delivered to their home or office in southern California.

Energy Drinks or San Diego Water Company

The name may speak to those of you that feel fatigued in the middle of the day and need some energy.Energy drinks are rarely more than caffeine and sugar.They are usually soda-like, fizzy beverages that have an extra kick of caffeine to give you more energy.They spike your blood sugar which makes you feel temporarily energetic but then you end up crashing later in the day.

If you’re looking for real energy and not some artificial stimulant, then choosing our unique process of negative charged ion’s that separates the water molecules allows our water to push out toxins that build up around the human cells and releases them through the cells in your body.

Fruit Juices or San Diego Water Company Delivery

Many people consider fruit juices a healthy way to get some hydration. Even 100% fruit juices contain an astronomical amount of sugar and lack the fiber of the whole fruit so you’re much better off drinking a glass of water and eating the whole fruit.Even though most of the sugars are natural, they are still sugar, and this can cause a blood sugar spike that leaves you feeling sluggish and tired later.Drinking water with a High pH can help boost your body to a higher pH level. We believe by drinking Planet Ion, you are helping your body maintain a more healthy lifestyle.

Drinking fresh, clean water is the best way to stay hydrated throughout the day.

If you’re interested in more information on the sugar content in common beverages, the Harvard School of Public Health has put out this useful chart to show the amount of sugar in sports drinks, sodas, and juices.

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