With a worrisome drought and summer coming to a close, water is still on many citizens’ minds. While students head back to school water costs, education, and final beach days are front and center. See below for the San Diego Water Round Up for September 2015.

Costs Continue to Rise with San Diego Water

Water rates are on the rise, and there’s no end in sight. Some cost cutting measures have been taken over the years to keep costs to consumers down but there comes a time when rates simply must go up of the Water Authority will go out of business. Many factors contribute to rising water costs including maintenance, new technology, and staff salaries.

San Diego Water Education and Conservation

Children are our future and they also need to learn how to conserve water for their future and beyond. San Diego County students are learning about water conservation through a fun musical entitled “H2O, Where Did It Go?” Kids learn about turning off water when not in use, like when brushing their teeth. San Diego County sponsored the Los Angeles based theatre company Shows That Teach to bring the ideas of water conversation to the county’s youngest residents.

Shark Watch in San Diego Water

Warmer weather means warmer water and warmer water near the coast means sharks are venturing further toward the beach than ever before. A hammerhead shark was spotted in water off La Jolla Beach which life guards agree is extremely out of the ordinary.While hammerheads are generally considered mild-mannered sharks, any shark sighting is cause for concern. Any shark sightings should be mentioned to on-duty life guards with as much detail as possible. Determining the type of shark is critical to figuring out how much of a threat the shark may be to the general public.


One of the main focuses of this month’s water is news is water education. Do your homework, conserve water, and stay safe on out there! For fresh, clean water delivered to your home or office, contact us today!

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