The need for Planet Ion delivery service in San Diego, is always our primary focus at Silver Springs Water. However, we can’t ignore the current water issues and trends occurring right in our back yard. Silver Springs Water is committed to keeping our consumer informed. We want to offer our clients with a continued, focused, and professional water delivery for home or office in the San Diego and Las Vegas area. No matter what the extent of the water crisis, that is occurring in southern California, Silver Springs Water will still deliver all of the benefits that Planet Ion offers.

The recent storms have residents wondering where San Diego stands in the recent water crisis. Most of the stories about water this month have centered around the storms that wreaked havoc on the city. Here is your San Diego Water Round Up for July2015!

Record Breaking Rainfall

Saturday’s storm was the most rain seen in the San Diego area in 113 years. While the rain is much needed relief in drought-ridden San Diego County, it is coming at cost.
Resident are being asked to avoid the Coronado and South Bay ocean water until further notice due to contamination from recent rain fall. Heavy rain falls brings dirt and debris as well as overflow from contaminated rivers which can make beach goers sick. Keep checking the news for more information on when it is safe to visit the beach again.

Flooding in San Diego

July has seen the most rain ever in San Diego County. NBC San Diego reported flash flooding in San Diego during the storms over the weekend. Cars were submerged, driver stranded, and property put at risk. The rain stopped traffic and shut down major roadways in the San Diego area. Most traffic patterns should be back to normal during the week.

San Diego Water Conservation Efforts

Fox 5 News reports that San Diego has seen a 24 percent decrease in water usage in the month of June as compared to previous years. Conservation efforts are critical in times of severe drought. There are regulations in place to help ensure the water we have in San Diego lasts as long as we do. These regulations include bans on water outside landscaping after measurable rainfall, like this past weekend’s storms, as well as limiting water to two days a week during rainless streaks.

Silver Springs Water Delivery Company is a premium bottled water delivery service serving San Diego. Silver Springs Water provides water delivery products as well as water dispenser equipment. Whether you need home water delivery or business water delivery, Silver Springs can accommodate your needs without the need for a contract. Silver Springs also offers San Diego Tap Water Testing Services. Learn about our water company in San Diego, and check your San Diego water delivery service area by entering your zip code.

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