Americans are lucky to have multiple sources for clean drinking water. The two main sources are tap water and bottled water, though not all bottled waters are created equally. San Diego Premium Drinking Water is a great way to stay hydrated and healthy! Below ,we review some of the points in tap water vs. premium drinking water in San Diego.

Inconsistent Sources

Tap water is funneled into the city from a number of sources. It goes through treatment plants that filter out most of the unclean and dangerous chemicals and particles but depending upon the water source, the treatment plants may not be able to get everything out.

Tap water is periodically tested at the treatment plant sources, however there are some considerations when assessing just how clean your tap water is.

Aging Infrastructure

The pipes in your home that deliver water to your faucet could be aging and starting to deposit unhealthy particles into your water and you may never know it. There are some obvious signs of aging pipes like cloudy or rusty water, but there are minute particles like lead or other heavy metals that could be in your tap water.

Even Brita or Pur water filters don’t eliminate all the heavy metal particles that might be present in your drinking water.

Clean and Healthy Premium Drinking Water

Bottled water from Silver Springs is healthy, clean, and delivers excellent hydration for you and your family. Premium drinking water from Silver Springs has been purified to the highest standards. Planet Ion water from Silver Springs is an alkaline water option that helps boost hydration which helps your overall health.


Your tap water may be perfectly healthy but without testing the water you may not know exactly what you’re getting. Know where your water comes from!

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