The drought in San Diego continues to make the news. Drought is always a cause for concern but this is not the first drought San Diego has seen. San Diego is tenacious and this drought is another learning experience. Here’s an overview of the San Diego California Water issues.

The effects of the San Diego California Water Drought is effecting farms

Hope for Farmers and San Diego California Water

San Diego farmers have proven they are able to make do with less and less water. Such a precious resource is critically important to crops’ health and the well-being of the farmer’s wallet. U-T San Diego   writes about how farmers are handling the long-lasting drought currently happening in San Diego. Current trends include buying local foods and conserving natural resources. The drought has forced farmers to farm smarter out of necessity instead of desire. The way they grow and harvest food is changing, and while the hope is the drought ends soon, their techniques are changing for the better.

Diversification of  Supply for San Diego California Water

The last time San Diego had a devastating drought the city made changes to where it got its water. Just like diversifying sales markets, diversifying where a city gets its water makes it a safer bet that there will be water from at least one of those sources when another major drought hits. San Diego’s, and other locations, attempts to lessen the burden on the state’s water seem to have been ignored when statewide water reduction requirements went into effect. NBC San Diego reports on this issue that has affected San Diego during the drought.

Silver Springs Water provides a great source of filtered clean water for San Diego residents.

Where Does the Water Go?

To make water usage more relatable, Voice of San Diego posted a short article and video explaining where all the water San Diego uses goes. The city has asked residents to help conserve water by taking shorter showers and reducing use outside the home. Watering lawns and flowers, washing cars, and outdoor activities are all ways water is used, especially in the summer, which can be reduced to save water.

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