There are many good reasons why bottled water should be considered an essential service for both staff and guests. With its benefits to well-being and performance, having easy access to pure water shows you have the best interests of your staff and guests at heart. Here are some of the reasons bottled water should be considered an essential service for your staff and guests.

Bottled Water For Your Staff

Adequate hydration is vital to staff performance. Research highlights how many employees are not getting adequate nutrition at work – and this includes a lack of water. If staff become dehydrated, it can have a number of negative effects. This can include poor concentration, a lack of focus, fatigue and lethargy, all of which will impact on productivity.

By providing a convenient supply of bottled water for your staff, you can be certain they are getting the pure water they need to aid their performance. Supplying water also discourages the use of caffeinated drinks, which can also lead to dehydration. In addition, it helps to steer workers away from unhealthy alternative like sodas, which aren’t great for employees’ health if they are drunk regularly.

Bottled Water For Your Guests

Access to a water is just as important to guests – and a ready supply of fresh water doesn’t just offer them convenience. With an obesity epidemic, it has never been more important to let guests have access to healthier alternatives; pure water can help support guests to make healthier choices. Making sure there is fresh, bottled water available also shows a commitment to the health and well-being of your guests.


Bottled water is vital for both staff and guests. Access to fresh water enables staff to enhance their performance while maintaining their well-being; it gives guests healthier choices too. By keeping a regular supply of bottled water, you’ll always be ready to cater for the needs of staff and guests.

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