Have you ever wondered if you’re really getting enough water? We all know the benefits of drinking water to stay healthy. Nevertheless, it’s all too easy to lack the motivation or to lose track. If you’re one of those people who struggle to find the motivation, there’s plenty of apps that will give you the encouragement you need. Here are four of the best.

Water Logged Water Drinking App

With this free basic app, you can track pf the water consumption and your daily goals. It’s adjustable so you can change your aims as you wish, or you can choose to keep it straight forward and go with the default settings. If math isn’t your thing, it’ll will even do the calculations on your behalf, so there’s no excuses for not being able to keep track.

Water Your Body Water Drinking App

This great looking app has been designed to make drinking water fun! On the app. You’ll see a set of shelves depicted. You can add cups and bottles to the shelves to indicate how much you’ve drunk on any given day. The app calculates how much water you need based on the information you put in, so you know at a glance the target you’re working towards.

Water Minder Water Drinking App

Available from Google Play and iTunes, the Water Minder app is easy to use and customizable. You can calculate your goals, create custom cup sizes, and log the amount you drink at the click of a button. When it’s time to drink some more, you’ll get sent a notification, and you can even qualify for Water Minder badges if you want further encouragement.

Water Balance Water Drinking App

This app calculates your water needs based on age, weight, height, and the other information you input. Once you’ve added your details, the app will suggest how much you water you should be aiming for. With Water Balance, you can set reminders to ensure you’ll drinking enough, and you can even track your not-so-healthy drinking habits as well. The app is available on Google Play.

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