Residential City Water is currently experiencing one of the longest running droughts in the city’s history. With water becoming more and more scarce, residential San Diego water delivery is on the rise in San Diego.

More people are getting residential water delivery in San Diego because of a few key reasons.


Bottled water, and even tap water, costs are on the rise. Most people filter their tap water before drinking it and the cost of replacement filters and other filtration equipment adds up.

Home water delivery is a cost effective alternative to bottled water and filtered tap water that gives you fresh, clean water anytime you want it!


There is nothing worse than going to the refrigerator for a cold glass of water and finding that you (or your spouse!) forgot to refill the Brita pitcher. Residential water delivery from Silver Springs means you will always have fresh, clean water right at your fingertips meaning you’re more likely to reach for a glass of water instead of a convenient bottle of soda or other sugary drink.


Carrying water with you is a great way to stay hydrated but unless you’re using a refillable water bottle, those plastic bottles can really start to add up. It’s easy to see how quickly empty plastic bottles can add up and it’s easy to see that they are a big problem for the environment.

Refilling a bottle from your Silver Springs water cooler means way less plastic pollution.


People are becoming more and more health conscious and one of the many ways you can easily be more healthy is to stay hydrated! Having residential water delivery in San Diego means easy access to clean, cool, healthy water right in your own home! The first thing you reach for in the morning will be a nice cold glass of water, thanks to your Silver Springs water cooler!

Contact us today to see how easy it is to get Silver Springs water delivered right to your San Diego home!

Why Silver Springs Water | San Diego?

Contact us today at Silver Springs to have clean water delivered to your home or office! Silver Springs is the Best Drinking Water Delivery Company serving San Diego. Silver Springs Water provides water delivery products as well as water dispenser equipment. Whether you need home water delivery or business water delivery, Silver Springs can accommodate your needs without the need for a contract. Silver Springs also offers San Diego Tap Water Testing Services. Learn about our water company in San Diego, and check your San Diego water delivery service area by entering your zip code.

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