Drinking Planet Ion is one of the critical elements of a healthy body. If your goal is to lose weight, drinking water can be an important component of your weight loss plan. We detail some of the reasons below!

Planet Ion and Water Retention

It may seem counter-intuitive but if you’re experiencing water retention, you actually need to drink more water. Your body goes into crisis mode when it isn’t getting enough of a certain thing, either food or water. If your instincts kick in when your body thinks it may not get the water it needs to function, it automatically holds onto the resources it has. Drink enough Planet Ion and your body will naturally flush your system and you won’t hold any extra water weight.

Hydration for Activities and Planet Ion

If you aren’t properly hydrated, you may feel tired or sluggish. Your muscles may not cooperate if they don’t have the fluid hydration needed to perform the tasks your brain is telling them to do. You will be able to work out longer if you drink water throughout your activity to replenish the hydration you’re losing through sweat. When you are out in the summer heat walking, running, or simply playing, staying hydrated is critical. Heat stroke and dehydration are a real danger when participating in outdoor activities and staying properly hydrated is one of the best ways to head off these two debilitating conditions.

Feeling Full

We can train ourselves to stop eating once those hunger triggers coming from our stomach to our brains stop. In fact, that’s how our systems are designed but we generally ignore those triggers. Drink a large glass of Planet Ion before a meal and your stomach will physically have less space to fill with food. You’ll feel fuller for longer and you’ll eat fewer calories. When you get hungry between meals and are tempted to reach for a snack, drink a large glass of water first and see if you can make it to your next meal without the extra calories.
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