Water Club Las Vegas

from $7.12/week

How it works: (monthly exchange of empty bottles for full bottles)
When a customer signs up for example 3 x 5 gal High pH they will get 3 x 5 gal
bottles  on 1st delivery with the chosen cooler. On the second delivery if you place 2

empty bottles out you will receive 3 bottles (one will be on the cooler)

but by the third delivery we will need to receive 3 empty bottles to replace with  3 full bottles.

The plan is only valid for the delivery day so if their is only 2 empty’s out we will leave only 2.

( The price stay’s the same for the full package if you get one bottle or all 3 ,each bottle received over the plan is full price.  )

We can not come back and fulfil the order a week later. If we are scheduling to come out on a day

that is not on your scheduled day, then their is a special delivery fee of $10.00 and extra bottle will be at full cost.

Purified Drinking Water

For those customers looking for pure refreshment, Silver Springs Water offers our Purified Drinking Water for that answer. To purify this top shelf bottled water, we use our state of the art eight stage purification and RO system to bring the water down to roughly three parts per million mineral count. This is one of the lowest ppm and ozone quality control managed levels in the industry. Public safety and satisfaction is our top priority. Offered in BPA free bottles

High pH 9.0 Electrolyte Water

Health conscious people looking for alkalinity and electrolytes in their water come to our 9.0 brand of thirst quenching H20. This bottled water is bottled at 9.0 (+ or –) to give our customers the health alternative to acidity in drinking water. Mineral injected and still one of the purest waters on planet earth. This Silver Springs top seller is the reason we were voted Top 30 businesses in Las Vegas by MYVEGAS Magazine in 2017. In stock and moving off the shelves we are proud of the public response to a healthy choice made by many. Offered in BPA free bottles.

Planet Ion water

Is high pH Alkaline electrolyte water that through a proprietary process helps in ultra hydration at the cellular level.

Water dispenser options:

• No water cooler needed $ 0
• Cook & Cold water dispenser (white) $ 0
• Hot & Cold water dispenser (white) $ 6.50
   Hot & Cold Cooler rental 50% discount on normal price
• Ceramic Crock & Stand $ 0

Monthly water club package – every 4 weeks
Service Fee $5
Off scheduled delivery fee of $10
Autopay required

We’ve created an easy, cost effective way to get the BEST 3 & 5 Gallon High pH Water in Las Vegas delivered to your home or office. Order our Monthly Water Club Package of 3 to 9 – 3 or 5 gallon bottles of our High pH Water including a Water Dispenser and we will deliver our packages every 4 weeks! Just like clockwork! Don’t forget to CHOOSE YOUR WATER DISPENSER!

Monthly water club package – every 4 weeks
Service Fee $5
Off scheduled delivery fee of $10
Autopay required