3 Gallon Planet Ion Water Delivery Glass Bottle Las Vegas Nevada

We’ve created an easy, cost effective way to get the BEST Bottles of 3 Gallon Drinking Water in Las Vegas delivered to your home or office. Order our Monthly Water Club Package of ( up to ) 3 – 3 gallon bottles of our Drinking Water including a Water Dispenser* and we will deliver our packages every 4 weeks!

*for the duration of your Water Club Membership at no charge. To be returned to Silver Springs Water on cancellation of Water Club Membership including empty or unused bottles.

What is Planet Ion water?

Planet Ion Water is high pH Alkaline water that is produced by our proprietary infusion process.

Silver Springs high pH Alkaline water (9.0 pH average at time of bottling) is processed by carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, deionization, 1 micron filtration, ozonation and additional micron filtration, potassium and calcium injection. This pristine clean water forms the base for our Planet Ion Water.

Planet Ion Water is an antioxidant electrolyte water.

What does this mean?

Doctors, Scientist, and Nutritionist believe disease can’t live in a more alkaline environment.
Planet Ion Water is very alkaline and good for your health helping your body to neutralize acidity in the food you eat and drink.