San Diego has been planning the best ways to purify its tap water for a long time. While the city thrives, its tap water supply has dwindled and San Diego has been in a drought for years. One way to stay healthy is to drink water  from a Premium Bottled Water Service provider that has been tested and purified by Silver Springs Water.

Why Does San Diego Need to Purify Water?

Technology has evolved to the point where human beings can live in environments that may not usually be habitable by them without these technologies. San Diego, a place that inhabits more than 1.3 million people, has a serious drought problem. Water is a critical component to survival and San Diego is dangerously low on this resource. Water reuse and recycle technologies are helping make the future look bright for San Diego by purifying the water for use in homes and for businesses.

Not everyone is excited about consuming this so called “greywater”, but by utilizing providers of privately filtered water such as Silver Springs Water, you can avoid this option.

Pure Water San Diego

The city has implemented a plan called Pure Water San Diego that will, by 2035, be the source of 83 million gallons of drinking water per day for San Diego. By adding water purification plants that will feed water to households, the city is lessening the requirements for outside water sources. The purified water is recycled household water that is then put back into the reservoir and goes through the typical water treatment process before going into San Diego residences.

Other Options

The city’s plan is on target to be done by 2035 but is there something you can do in the meantime? Silver Springs offers the best service in home delivery of fresh, clean, ready to drink water to help keep your family healthy. Drinking plenty of water is critical to maintaining good health. The city is purifying its water but you can have pure clean water today!

Why Silver Springs Water | San Diego?

Contact us today at Silver Springs to have clean water delivered to your home or office! Silver Springs is the Best Drinking Water Delivery Company serving San Diego. Silver Springs Water provides water delivery products as well as water dispenser equipment. Whether you need home water delivery or business water delivery, Silver Springs can accommodate your needs without the need for a contract. Silver Springs also offers San Diego Tap Water Testing Services. Learn about our water company in San Diego, and check your San Diego water delivery service area by entering your zip code.

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