WIs getting healthy on your list of  things to do? Of course it is, we are all trying to take steps, even small ones, to improving the health of ourselves and our families. San Diego families are no different.

San Diego is noted as 13th by forbes.com out of the top 20 healthiest cities in the United States. It’s surprising to have such a high level of health consciousness in a city that is also rated as #9 of 10 top U.S cities with the worst tap water by nbcnews.com.

So as you approach your quest of living a healthier lifestyle, one of the easiest and KEY areas to improve your health is to drink more water! There are a few tricks to help get you to drink more Planet Ion Water. Having a water delivery service in San Diego, provide you with a constant schedule can improve your life efficiency with timing and availability of clean San Diego drinking water.

Get Planet Ion Water Delivery in San Diego

The trick to drinking more Planet Ion is to have it in front of you all the time! Don’t know how to get water delivery in San Diego? Get in touch with Silver Springs Water to get info on how to try a no obligation water service.

Having clean and healthy Planet Ion Delivery in San Diego, readily available means you’re more likely to reach for a tall glass of water before reaching for a sugary soda or calorie heavy fruit juice. The benefits of Planet Ion Water are much more than skin deep.

Silver Springs water can be delivered right to your home and office to ensure you have fresh, clean Planet Ion at your fingertips all day, every day.

Set A Water Delivery Schedule

If you frequently forget to drink enough water during the day, start to help yourself get into a healthy habit and set a timer for when to drink water.

Every 2 hours, set up a reminder to pop up and tell you to grab a glass of Planet Ion to hydrate your body.

Ensuring you drink enough water throughout the day will not only keep you hydrated, it will help keep you feeling fuller meaning some of your other resolutions might become a bit easier.

Getting enough exercise and losing weight are much easier when your body is properly hydrated!

Add Natural Flavors to Delivered Water

If you’re the kind of person who just can’t bring yourself to drink water on its own, try adding natural flavors.

A squeeze of lemon juice, some fresh mint leaves, or a handful of fruit will infuse your water with a light flavor that just might tempt you into drinking more water throughout the day. Using flavored ice cubs, fresh fruits, cucumbers, lemon and lime and fresh or frozen fruit. Even doing something as simple as adding crushed ice, can turn a boring glass of drinking water into a brand new texture. Try it and share your suggestions on our Silver Springs Water facebook page.

Silver Springs is proud to be a supplier of Planet Ion contact us today to see if home or office delivery is right for you!

Silver Springs Water is a bottled water delivery service serving Las Vegas & San Diego. If you are in need of  home water delivery or commercial water delivery, Silver Springs Water is your premium choice for filtered water, negative-ion water, and the Planet Ion Brand. Learn about our San Diego water delivery services.

The Planet Ion Water Brand Unleash the potential of negative ions.Experience the power of alkalinity. Hydrate like never before!

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