Silver Springs offers home or office delivery of Planet Ion water. It is an excellent alternative to tap or regular bottled water but you may ask, what’s the Planet Ion water brand difference?

What is Planet Ion Water Brand Difference?

Planet Ion water is high-pH, clean, and healthy water that helps keep you optimally hydrated every day. The negative electrons in Planet Ion water make this water easier to absorb, meaning all your cells will be properly hydrated and that water won’t go to waste, at least not before it has done its job! Proper hydration is key to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Every part of your body requires water to work properly including your brain and muscles.

We Believe in Our Product

Silver Springs truly believes Planet Ion water is the best water available on the market for your overall health. We believe that drinking Planet Ion water will improve your life and help you lead a healthier lifestyle! Silver Springs does the research on local tap water and we know that clients who drink Planet Ion bottled water aren’t getting the contaminants in their drinking water like those found in tap water.

Heavy metals, bacteria, and other unhealthy things can flow through tap water, not necessarily because that water hasn’t been treated but because the miles of pipes it has to flow through just to get to your tap may be old, decaying, or not properly maintained.  

Water Delivery

The absolute best part about the Planet Ion water brand difference? We deliver! You can get the best water available delivered right to your home or office!

Having fresh, clean, healthy water right at your fingertips means you are more likely to grab a tall glass of water over a sugary beverage that might have previously been more readily available.

Contact us today to see how easy it is to have Planet Ion water delivered right to your door!

Why Silver Springs Water | San Diego?

Contact us today at Silver Springs to have clean water delivered to your home or office! Silver Springs is the Best Drinking Water Delivery Company serving San Diego. Silver Springs Water provides water delivery products as well as water dispenser equipment. Whether you need home water delivery or business water delivery, Silver Springs can accommodate your needs without the need for a contract. Silver Springs also offers San Diego Tap Water Testing Services. Learn about our water company in San Diego, and check your San Diego water delivery service area by entering your zip code.


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