The need for Las Vegas Planet Ion delivery service in Las Vegas Nevada , is our primary focus at Silver Springs Water. However, we can’t ignore the current water issues and trends occurring right in our back yard. Silver Springs Water is committed to keeping our consumer informed. We want to offer our clients with a continued, focused, and professional water delivery for home or office in the San Diego and Las Vegas area. No matter what the extent of the water crisis, that is occurring in Nevada, Silver Springs Water will still deliver all of the benefits that Planet Ion Water offers.

Las Vegas always has its eyes on water. The high desert climate means our natural resources are even more precious. These stories will catch you up on some of the hottest Las Vegas water stories this month.

Water Quality Partnership


The Las Vegas Sun announced on July 20th that the governor has signed an agreement with Ireland for a water research partnership. The partnership with IMB Ireland will further water quality measures in the state of Nevada. The Southern Nevada Water Authority was involved in the discussions regarding the partnership and will be an integral part of the process. The hope is that the partnership will help the water industry as well as the economic growth of Nevada.

Post-Flood Drinking Water

There was a flash flood reported in Laughlin on Friday. This flood flushed dirt and debris into the community’s water supply. Officials are requiring tap water be brought to a rolling boil for one minute and then cooled before use. Tap water can be used for hand washing but officials are still recommending some kind of disinfectant like hand sanitizer after use. While there are water sanitation processes in place, they are not meant to handle large particles like those currently in the water supply. Hurricane Delores is to blame for the flash flood and subsequent water issues in Laughlin.

MGM Resorts Water Conservation

With 15 properties in Las Vegas, the MGM is one of the largest water consumers in the resort community. The Bradenton Herald reports that the MGM estimates it has conserved 2 billion over the last 4 years while Nevada has been in a severe drought. The article brings up an interesting point about the image of Las Vegas and how the city treats water. To outsiders, it looks like Las Vegas is wasting water left and right when really the Bellagio fountains are recycled water and most water used domestically is recycled back into Lake Mead.

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