Once you read the reports about San Diego water being some of the most contaminated in the country, you will likely consider the best way to get your family fresh, clean water. There are many options for getting clean water from buying bottled water to getting home water delivery. How do those options compare?

Contents of Bottled Water vs. Home Water Delivery in San Diego

Do you know what is in the bottled water you buy at the grocery store? Bottled water that you can find in stores has been branded as a “food” which means it is under the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration. Tap water on the other hand is administered by the Environmental Protection Agency which follows much stricter guidelines. Depending on the brand of water you buy, you may just be drinking tap water put into bottles since there is no real regulation on bottled waters.

Silver Springs undergoes a third party environmental water review which makes it stand apart from typical bottled water. Home delivery of Silver Springs water in San Diego is cleaner and healthier than typical bottled water.


Cost of Bottled Water vs. Home Water Delivery in San Diego

Considering the cost of a single bottle of water, or even a package of bottled water, means a fluctuating cost as part of your family’s budget. Silver Springs home delivery of fresh, clean water is a fixed cost that you can plan around.

Depending on how many people in your household drink water regularly, it will likely cost less to have water delivered to your home than to continue buying individual bottles of water.

Carbon Foot Print of Bottled Water vs. Home Water Delivery in San Diego

Throwing away or recycling single-serve bottles that comes along with buying bottled water means increasing your carbon footprint. Even recycling the bottles takes time, money, and energy that can be avoided by getting Silver Springs delivered to your home instead. Bottles are sanitized and reused, making the waste minimal.

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Silver Springs Water Delivery Company is a premium bottled water delivery service serving San Diego. Silver Springs Water provides home water delivery, commercial water delivery, Planet Ion delivery or filtered water delivery. They also offer San Diego Tap Water Testing Services. Learn about our water company in San Diego, and check your San Diego water delivery service area by entering your zip code.

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