Many people look for advice on how much Planet Ion water to drink to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Proper hydration is a critical part of living a healthy life. Many people ask if 8 glasses of water is a myth or a must.

Drinking Planet Ion Water Helps Your Body

Your stature has a lot to do with how much water you drink. It’s similar to height and weight determining proper caloric intake to maintain a healthy weight. 8 glasses of water a day is a good guideline regardless of height and weight. Try drinking that amount of water and if you’re still feeling parched, add a few more glasses. If you feel like you’re drowning, reduce it by a few, and just stay hydrated.

Key factors where water helps to optimize your health are:

  • Increases efficiency of waste processes such as urination, perspiration and bowel movements.
  • Lubricates  joints
  • Protects sensitive tissues
  • Regulates temperature


Activity Level and Drinking Planet Ion

You lose sweat during strenuous activities that you participate in. If you have an active job that keeps you on your feet and actively moving all day, you need to replenish the fluids you lose just doing your job. If you’re athletic or frequent the gym, you also need to keep drinking water to maintain proper hydration levels. More sedentary lifestyles may not require as much fluid replenishment but everyone loses some fluids during the day through every day activities.

When Drinking Planet Ion Water is Even More Necessary for Your Body

Air conditioned rooms are often sucked dry of most of their moisture. Hot summer days can easily sap the water from your body through sweat and absorption. Spending time at the beach in salt water or up in the mountains in higher altitudes can all contribute to dehydration. Plan ahead for the day’s activities and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

Key factors when your body needs more water are:

  • Warm/hot weather climates
  • Exercise
  • Sickness, fever
  • Diarrhea or vomiting

Tips to Drinking Planet Ion Water for Your Health

Some ideas on how to obtain more readily available Planet Ion water for your active lifestyle is important to staying healthy and hydrated.

  • Make instant hot tea with Silver Springs Water hot water dispenser!
  • Allow Silver Springs Water to deliver Planet Ion bottled water to your home or office
  • 5gal or 3 gal water dispensers to refill your reusable water bottle
  • Choose water over soft drinks and sugary juices
  • Improve the taste of your water by adding flavored lemons, or read other 3 tricks on consuming the best drinking water


While 8 glasses of water a day may be a little made up, it’s a good target to start with and use as a gauge to determine if it’s right for you. Contact us today to have clean water delivered so it is available right at your fingertips!

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