The new year is upon us and with it comes some water news wrap up from the end of 2015. Silver Springs Water brings you the best San Diego water news  for January 2016.

Most of us are looking forward into the new year and are adamantly working on our resolutions which might include drinking more water. Keep it up!

To keep going forward, we need to learn from the past so here is a catch up on San Diego water news for December 2015.

The Politics of San Diego Water

Most people don’t think much about where their tap water comes from. They turn the knob and water comes out. Even when something happens and they don’t have water, it’s usually a local issue like a burst pipe in their home or a water main outside. The Voice of San Diego issued a detailed report on the politics that go on behind that tap water for San Diego and other Southern Californians.

Drought and Water Use

Even as the weather gets cooler and it starts to rain a little more, San Diego is still in a record breaking drought. KGTV San Diego reports that San Diego fell short of its water saving goals. The state is doing well overall even without reaching these goals. Finding ways to conserve water in the winter is harder since there are less outdoor activities and less need to water outdoor plants. There are always ways to save water including installing low use appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

There are some less expense water saving options as well which include taking shorter showers, drinking more bottled water instead of tap water, and the ever important act of turning off the water when brushing your teeth!

Silver Springs can help lower your water bill if you and your family drink a lot of water straight from the tap.

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